Basement Renovations

Have you been considering expanding downward to give your family the space it needs? Basements are a blank space that can seem overwhelming to design or dream about. We want to help.

A basement renovation does not have to be stressful. Our Lakeside Renovation & Design team is ready to help guide you through the renovation process so you can experience the benefits and joy that a finished basement has to offer.


We help our clients visualize their finished basement needs from both a planning and budgetary perspective.  Are you looking to expand your living space, add an in-home theatre or to build a basement apartment for your dear old Uncle? Once we understand you needs, we work together to build out your dream basement via our project managed approach and our unique client portal.  We’ll invite you to our offices to work closely with our designer to realize the tiniest details, and then we’ll build you a basement constructed to protect against mold and mildew for life by using basement appropriate non-organic materials instead of the typical gypsum drywall and wood studs that have no place in a basement environment.

The following sections outline just some of the things you can do within a complete basement renovation.


In a market where home prices continue to rise at increasingly faster rates, the only way to get ahead with a single home is to consider its use as a second suite or basement rental property. We call this “The Second Suite Solution.™” Not only will this make home ownership more affordable for you, it can help you establish a real estate portfolio and financial independence. Ask us if a second suite could benefit you, and we’ll show you how to plan and finance, not just the apartment, but a brighter future.