Deck Renovations

MavensBuild are your Edmonton-based timber sanding, cleaning, and coating experts, offering professional finishing or refinishing of your deck or outdoor timber structure surface. We provide traditional quality workmanship while employing current, technologically enhanced methods and goods.

Decks and Outdoor Spaces

A useful, elegant outdoor area will serve your family and guests for years to come and is always on the wish lists of house purchasers. Restoration of an outdoor entertainment zone, in addition to kitchen and bathroom renovation, is a sure-fire approach to add value to your property. Building a new deck or upgrading an existing one to boost utility and comfort are wonderful methods to improve your lifestyle while also ensuring a return on investment when the time comes to sell your property.

Loose Deck Boards

When you walk on your deck, you may notice that the boards are somewhat wobbly and that you may fall through the deck at any time. Do not ignore wobbly boards since they can become a significant problem if not addressed immediately. Aging timber planks can become twisted and so loosen, resulting in a dangerous deck.

Water Damage

If you see any symptoms of water damage or decay on your deck, please contact MavensBuild right away. Spongy boards are sometimes an indicator that your boards are deteriorating. If the rot is concentrated in one place, it is critical to remodel the surrounding region to guarantee that no rotting has spread.